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InstaSpecial - $5 for 2 Weeks!

Try InstaFanPage for just $5 for a 2 week trial with no obligation!

Full details on how the service works :

We can utilize a "Fan Page" for you on Instagram or we can grow your current page with an 
amazing amount of real and targeted connections for you!
Making you Instagram famous in no time.

All work is done by hand no software or bots an we dont do anything to against Instagram's terms and conditions. 
We just do the things you dont have time to do yourself!

Regardless of whether you use your current page or a new "Fan Page"

It works a few different ways:

Task 1. (Optional) We will follow people targeted people by hashtag until you reach the 7500 limit then it will un-follow anyone who is not following you back!
When it completes un-following it will then follow new people based on specific hashtags you provide. This process continues.
This ensures you only connect with people you want to.
Some clients choose not to follow people and that is ok.
If you opt out of task 1 we will increase work on the below tasks!

Task 2. We will like 500 - 1,000 posts per day by people using hashtags you provide.
This is a great way to connect with thousands of like minded people a week or people in a general 
area or even very specific area! Certainly connecting you with people with just the interests you want.
We only like posts that have between 2 and 100 likes. The reason for this is a important one. A like on a post with hundreds of likes will not be noticed. A like on a post with 10 likes will certainly be noticed. The person's whose post was liked will most likely return the favor and like your posts and also follow you!

Task 3. We will do everything possible to get the attention of the Instagram algorithm to get you on the explore and suggested pages. 
This makes the page "newsworthy" in Instagram's eyes exposing you to even more people.

Task 4. We will run Facebook/Instagram ads/boosts.

Add these things together and you're page blows up fast!


Email us for more info at Info@Instafanpage.com

Money Back Guarantee if You are Not Happy!

Purchase Your Service Below.

Starts as Low as $19.99 per week.

Choose Your Package From the Drop Down Menu Below.

Cancel Any Time.

Program rates are based on amount of daily actions we perform to market your page.

Daily actions include following people based on specific hashtags, liking peoples photos who use specific targeted hashtags. Also includes unfollowing people who do not follow you.


Bronze: 800 Daily Actions - (Avg client receives 200 new real targeted followers per day) $19.99 Per Week

Silver: 1000 Daily Actions - (Avg client receives 350 new real targeted followers per day) $29.99 Per Week

Gold: 1200 Daily Actions - (Avg client receives 500 new real targeted followers per day) $39.99 Per Week

Platimum: 1,500 Daily Actions - (Avg client receives 650 new real targeted followers per day) $49.99 Per Week

Diamond: 2,000 Daily Actions - (Avg  client receives 800 new real targeted followers per day) $99.99 Per Week

Your results may vary and payment and or level of service can be adjusted to your average!

100% Money Back Guarantee if You are Not Satisfied.

Think of our service like having an employee with expert skills in growing an Instagram page for you. Now imagine being able to have an expert on staff for just a few dollars a day! The higher level you come in for the more hours we work on your account. While we do not have set amounts of numbers these pages gain we do guarantee your satisfaction. So if you are not happy let us know. If we can not make it right you will receive a full refund!

So there is no risk to try this creative new service!

Questions? email 24/7 Info@InstaFanPage.com


Here is how it works: 

Sign Up With Us. 

Give us your Instagram username.

No password is ever needed.

Now when your post every single post you make will get a random amount (you choose the range) up to 1000 likes added instantly. Posting a video? Great you will get up to 100-200 likes and up to  2000 views within just a few hours.

Why do this? 

Busier posts with more actions are sent to the top of the hashtag explore pages on Instagram.

Higher you are on that page the more people see your posts. Leading to more likes and more followers. 

Also you will be in more threads of people who follow that particular hashtag.

 Catch the attention of others. People will give more weight and attention to posts with more likes and views. We all do it! You have something great to show the world so make sure they stop and take a look. 

 Your page will pick up new real and active followers and overall will have a very healthy feel.

 Our service initially is NOT a recurring billing service.

 Not sure if this is for you? Try it free for the first week and $9.99 for the second. If you dont see the benefits of the service you can request a refund.  Just send us an email to Info@Instafanpage.com or send a text to 347-277-5595.

So no worries and no risk to try us!

Regardless, you will not be rebilled for this service. After two weeks we will send you info on how you can extend your program with us!


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Not sure which to order? Most clients who post less than 1-2x a day times need only $9.99 package. If you post more or would like to do multiple acounts email info@instafanpage.com and we will set you up with an unlimited/multi program. 

OKILikeIt and its sister site InstaFanPage.com help market and grow Instagram pages.

If you need more intense Instagram promotion we can help.

Click on over to InstaFanPage.com and check us out! 

You can email us anytime for either site at Info@Instafanpage.com


Text 347-277-5595


For Instafanpage: we do require a recurring charge. That is because we work on your page daily.  First 2 weeks are just $5 to try the service. You can cancel anytime and never any obligation to continue! 


For OkiLikeit:

You can pay through Paypal OR Square.  It is not a recurring charge. You are getting week one free and paying for week two. Just a one time $9.99 that is fully refundable if you are not satisfied! This gives you a full two weeks to try us with no risk and recurring billing issues. If you want to continue after the two weeks @ $9.99 per week like most people we will send you info on how to do that. 

 But lets make you very happy first! 


For Okilikeit boosts No! We do not require it.  We are working on your posts only.
Not anything we would need internal page access for.


For Instafanpage it is neccesary since we will be interacting with 1000+ targeted people everyday for you. 


For clients who dont feel comfortable releasing their password we suggest allowing us to build a "fan page" for them! Email info@instafanpage.com for more info


It can be as fast as minutes! 
If you placed order during regular business hours we can have you set up in minutes. Your postings will be marketed at that time.  We do work late here so contact us at Info@InstaFanPage.com after ordering for us to expedite it.  We do guarantee youll be up in 12 hours or less after payment.  However, no one has ever waited that long to date!


Yes! Just have your friends add you as a referral or let us know before they order. If they stay on with our service more than 4 weeks we will refund one of your payments to us back to you!  There is NO limit to amount of clients you can refer! So you can actually get your service for free!!
Referrals should be sent to Info@InstaFanPage.com

Las Vegas, NV, USA